Cassandra has always had a love for the health and wellness industry and her original career was as a veterinary technician in shelter environments. Her background eventually steered onto a more people-oriented track with personal training and tutoring special needs children. There her experience taught her the importance of good food in relation to good health. When she’s not buried in a book or on a long hike, this Master Nutritionist assists others holistically in reconnecting with food, their health, and their passions.
Cassandra currently lives in Denver, Colorado where she practices urban farming with her fiancée, dogs, and chickens.
Having extreme sensitivities to gluten she understands the importance of providing others with education to empower their own healing and the support needed to navigate our confusing 21st century food world.
She is excited to have teamed up with Denver Celiacs in order to further her ability to help others balance their fast-paced, over-stressed lives into something deeper, healthier, and more delicious.