We are excited to announce we will be partnering with the GF & AF Expo in 2018! This fair focuses on a large audience meant to meet the needs of people with a diverse array of health conditions. The Expos are the largest and fastest growing special diet consumer events in the US and these expos will be held in 9 cities across the Nation in 2018. The Denver GF & AF Expo will be held April 21 – 22 at the National Western Complex. This will be a large two day show. More information on the expo can be found on the GF & AF website: https://gfafexpo.com/expos/denver

This partnership means the time has come to say goodbye to one of our favorite events, the Incredible, Edible Gluten Free Food Fair. It really has been an amazing 11 years and the Fair accomplished our goal, to bring the gluten free companies to the consumers and the consumers to the gluten free companies. When the Incredible, Edible Gluten Free Food Fair started in 2006, it was still very hard to find anything in stores that was gluten free. We wanted a fun way for people to try new gluten free foods and find some new favorites. The Fair grew far beyond our expectations and proved to be an amazing community event.  Now that gluten free is much more mainstream, the Incredible, Edible Gluten Free Food Fair is not as necessary as it once was. The GF&AF Expo held off coming to Denver because of our show for many years, but decided to come in 2018 regardless. Because participation from vendors and attendees at our Incredible, Edible Gluten Free Fair has dropped significantly since 2015 we believed this to be the right time to partner. Although we will all miss this event, the time has come to expand.