Assistant Director of Children’s Programs – Volunteer Opportunity

Assistant Director of Children’s Programs – Volunteer Opportunity

The Assistant Director, under the guidance of the Director of Children’s Programs, is responsible for organizing, planning, attending and coordinating age appropriate children’s events.

Responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating events every two months, usually in conjunction with the holidays;
  • Finding and working with venues;
  • Partnering with the Colorado Center for Celiac Disease;
  • Increasing attendance at children’s activities;
  • Responding to emails; and
  • Attending 2/3 of the board meetings, events, and parent meetings per year.

The ideal candidate should either live with celiac disease or have a child living with celiac disease. In addition, a positive, cheerful, and upbeat attitude at the events is quite beneficial. The time commitment is approximately 4 to 5 hours/week.

We are flexible. However, we are looking for a volunteer who can commit the time to help develop age appropriate children’s programs. If this is a position you are interested in, email Maria Brotherston at